Desh TV Live ONLINE - দেশ টিভি লাইভ

Desh TV Live ONLINE - দেশ টিভি লাইভ

Desh TV started its journey on March 26, 2009, on the great Independence Day of Bangladesh. Desh TV live is a satellite-based Bengali channel in Bangladesh. They provide live broadcasting all around the country with seamless performance.

The Desh TV office is located in the Karnaphulu Media Point, Selina Parveen Road, Malibag, Dhaka. They have contact details on their official website so the advertiser can contact them for promotion. All foreign affairs are also presented in the cannel.

Desh TV Live Programs and event

On Desh TV, you can enjoy films, movies, short movies, documentaries, sports, entertainment, science fiction, cooking tips, crime news, local and international affairs. Every day the present different programs to entertain us. A group of news collectors is working all over Bangladesh. They bring the latest news and we know the current situation of the country.

The films, movies, serials, etc., are family and entertainment-based. We can learn about the reality of our life. Also, the broadcast talk shows to know the expert's and specialists' opinion. Nowadays, the channel's range and users are increasing for their loyalty service. They telecast live sports events occasionally. The percentage of advertisement is very limited in Desh TV.

Popular events of Desh TV Bangladesh

It is true that building a good cast means laying the foundations for a good reality show. You can enjoy the good reality shows on the channel. They gained popularity for these programs:

  • DurPath
  • KolpolokerGolpoKotha
  • Bela ObelaSarabela
  • Call er Gaan
  • PriyojonerGaan
  • SojaKotha
  • Mukh O MukhorotarOnusthan
  • The popular Natok is the Nine and A Half and Calling Bell.

Desh TV Office Address, Phone & Email

Country Bangladesh
Broadcast area Bangladesh
Office 42, Shaheed Sangbadik Selina Parveen Sarak Malibagh Dhaka, Bangladesh
Launched March 26, 2009
Telstar 10 76.5°E 4,165 H SR 4300 FEC 3/4
Phone & Fax 8832958, 8832922, 8832754, Fax: 8332981

Desh TV is broadcasted from the 76.5 ° E 4.165 H, SR 4300, emphasis 3/4 Telestar 10 Artificial Satellite. So, you can enjoy the TV from anywhere in the world. If there is no Desh TV channel distributor, go through the Desh TV live option from the browser. Same TV events are always telecasted in the live portal. Stay connected with Desh TV and know your country.

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